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New Foundation to Support Yonkers Public Library

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

April 5, 2018, Yonkers NY: The Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library (FYPL), a new non-profit organization in Yonkers, has just launched with a mission of further enhancing the Library's ability to provide outstanding programming, cutting-edge technology and vibrant meeting places that best serve Yonkers' diverse community. That goal will be achieved through fundraising, advocacy, and community partnerships.

The organization was created by current YPL trustees and Library Director Edward Falcone. "This will be a wonderful partnership to enhance the programs and services of an organization that is open to everyone in our great City. I urge all in Yonkers to support the work of the Foundation," said Director Falcone.

The organization will be led by Nancy Maron (past President/current VP of the YPL Board) and Anietra Guzmán-Santana (President of the YPL Board). The inaugural FYPL Board of Directors brings together a dynamic group of engaged professionals from Yonkers and the surrounding area who bring a wealth of experience and share a passion for the role libraries play in the strength and health of a community. The Directors are Anna Birrittella, Edward Falcone, Mary Hoar, Joann Li, Diana Lugo-Martinez, Alison Marra, Jaime Martinez, Teresa Pereira, Kathleen Ruen, Kofi Sansculotte, and Richard Stoddard. In addition to fundraising and advocacy experience, the Directors play leading roles in multiple sectors of Yonkers life, including public education, civil service, local business, social justice, and the arts.

The Yonkers Public Library, a three-branch system serving the 200,000 residents of Yonkers and many more in the surrounding area, has long been more than just a place to borrow books. In addition to its rich collection of all media, innovative spaces like Tech Central (Riverfront branch) and the History Incubator (Will branch) have been pace-setting in terms of expanding the notion of the range of experiences libraries can offer. In 2017, YPL began lending a variety of in-demand objects, from musical instruments to museum passes. "I applaud the efforts of the Foundation for The Yonkers Public Library," said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. "Together, we are finding creative ways to raise support for this valuable institution. The Foundation is a wonderful example of how public and private partners can come together for the benefit of our City."

In its first year, the FYPL plans to support several key library initiatives, including the "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" literacy program and public events and each branch throughout 2018, to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the YPL system. According to Foundation President Maron, "The YPL is already accomplishing great things and is beloved throughout the community. As a separate organization, the Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library can help to accelerate and expand YPL's offerings even further."

For more information about the Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library, visit


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