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Our Mission


The Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library enhances the Library’s ability to provide outstanding programming, cutting-edge technology, and vibrant meeting places that best serve our diverse community. We achieve our mission through fundraising, advocacy, and community partnership.

About the Foundation

The Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library is a new not-for-profit organization, created by the Trustees of the Yonkers Public Library in partnership with YPL’s senior management. The Foundation is a supporting organization, and officers of the Board of Trustees serve on its board. The Foundation offers a way to enhance the impact of the YPL through fundraising and advocacy and encouraging wider community engagement in supporting a cornerstone of cultural life in Yonkers.


The Yonkers Public Library is beloved to many in this city, and there are other fundraising bodies whose work complements that of the Foundation, including Friends groups at the Will and Crestwood branches.

A Brief History of the Yonkers Public Library

The Yonkers Public Library was incorporated 125 years ago, in 1893.  


In the late 19th century, Yonkers High School housed both the high school and library.  As the school continued to grow, the library needed to find a new home.

In November 1899, the Board of Park Commissioners offered the use of the Nisbet Mansion in Washington Park to house the Library; it moved into the home in February of 1900.

Over the years, there have been several locations and library branches throughout the city, including a Carnegie funded library, built in 1903. 

Today, the Yonkers Public Library consists of three branches, the Riverfront Library, the Grinton I. Will Library, and the Crestwood Library.

About Us

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