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Act Now: Proposed Budget Cuts Will Reduce Service

The recently-released Fiscal Year 2019 Executive Budget Proposal includes a $700,000 reduction to the Yonkers Public Library’s annual budget. This will result in service reductions, including the elimination of Sunday hours, and possibly Saturdays and/or evenings. If the proposed budget is approved by the City Council, changes would take effect starting July 1, 2018.

We understand that many other Yonkers departments are also facing cuts and we understand how difficult these choices can be. However, cutting library support for staff and programs will have an immediate impact on thousands of people of all ages who rely on our three branches for early learning, school work, career training and advancement, enrichment, and more.

Please take a moment to support the library by letting your elected officials know how important the library is to you:

Call your City Council Person today!

City Council President

Mike Khader


Council Member, 1st District

Shanae V. Williams


Council Member, 2nd District

Corazon Pineda Isaac


Council Member, 3rd District

Michael Sabatino


Council Member, 4th District

John Rubbo


Council Member, 5th District

Mike Breen


Council Member, 6th District

Anthony J. Merante



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