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Joann Li


Joann is the Departmental Administrator for the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University Medical Center with over 25 years of healthcare experience in a variety of functions. She began her career as a Pathologists’ Assistant and is currently responsible overseeing the Department’s strategic, financial, administrative and operational initiatives.


Joann grew up in Queens, NY only three blocks away from the Astoria branch where she spent countless hours after school and on weekends. The library was her playground and she found kindred spirits in the books she read. She loved escaping into romantic novels but was most drawn to intelligent, self-assured and outspoken characters such as Anne of Green Gables and Pippi Longstocking. Joann recognizes the important role of libraries as safe havens and a place for new ideas and adventure.  Joann moved to Yonkers in 1998 and is a volunteer in the Yonkers Public Schools which her daughters attend.

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