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Gretchen Kim

Gretchen is an attorney with over 25 years of experience.  She began her legal career at a large corporate law firm in New York City and, in 2001, launched her own law firm located in Yonkers with an emphasis on representing clients in matrimonial and family law matters.   In 2000, Gretchen and her husband moved to Yonkers and both of their sons attended the Yonkers Public Schools from pre-kindergarten through high school.  Gretchen is pleased to have lived her adult life “lost in Yonkers.”

Libraries, for Gretchen, have been a source of strength and joy throughout her life.  Just being in the presence of stacks of books can calm her down from the most stressful day.  Reading has been her most favorite pastime and, during college and law school, the schools’ libraries were her sanctuaries.   When her children were young, she enrolled them, each year, in the libraries’ “summer reading program,” to share with them her love for libraries and for them to understand their importance in communities. 

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