Rick Stoddard

Rick works in the financial services industry and has been with Bank of America Merrill Lynch for the past 20 years.  Rick has worked in New York and Asia, having recently returned to New York from Hong Kong after 8 years (where the Public Library is as important as it is here).  Growing up in a small town, Rick learned at an early age that public libraries are essential to the vitality of any community.  Rick’s first real job in high school was at the public library where he saw from the inside what libraries can accomplish, and that the support of the broader community is critical to the library’s success. Rick is also a volunteer with Yonkers Partners in Education as an adult mentor in the YPIE Scholars Program.  Rick is excited to be a part of the Foundation and to see its contribution to the success of the Yonkers Public Library grow over the next several years. Rick and his wife live in Yonkers.